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MIDIMaster Karaoke - not only lets you play, mix, and orchestrate both MIDI and Karaoke files - the brand new performance feature turns your PC into a karaoke recording studio!

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File Size: 1.89M
OS: Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP
License: Shareware - Time Limit, free to try, $29.95 to buy.

Software Developed byBlaze Audio

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Description :

MIDIMaster Karaoke turns your PC into a home Karaoke Recording Studio! It works with MIDI karaoke files and allows you to set the tempo, the key, and the mix. Best of all, you can record your voice, with or without real time echo, and share your performances with friends and family.

You choose the way you sing

What do we mean by 'mix' and 'orchestrate'? Maybe you want to sing to strings instead of guitar, a step and a half lower, and just a bit faster - MIDIMaster is that flexible! You can customize the music for your singing style, adjusting the tempo, key, instrumentation, and more.

How does it work?

Standard Karaoke players use audio recorded onto a CD or made into an MP3 or .WAV file. The trouble with these files is that it is hard to change the tempo and the key, and nearly impossible to change the instrumentation. .MID and .KAR files, both of which are widely available on the internet, use your sound card's built-in MIDI synthesizer to provide the accompaniment. With .MID and .KAR files you can play the song in your key, at your tempo, and set the volume of each part exactly the way you want it. Do you want to practice with the melody line until you¡¯ve got it down, then shut it off for performance
A great tool for improving your singing!

MIDIMaster¡¯s new performance feature lets you record your performance and play it back - what better way to learn than to hear it from the audience¡¯s point of view
What if I don't know the words?

MIDIMaster Karaoke displays lyrics (when present) in a customizable window, in fonts and colors you choose. Each word is highlighted in time to the melody so you can follow along. Karaoke isn't just about standing in the limelight either - with karaoke on your home computer, no one has to hear you sing until you¡¯re ready. It¡¯s just like singing in the shower, only you know all the words and you don¡¯t have to get wet. If karaoke isn't your style, or you are more of a MIDI fan, simply downsize the lyrics window and use MIDIMaster as the great MIDI player it is.

Don't know where to find songs?

There are numerous pages of .MID and .KAR songs available for free download on the internet. Take a look at our karaoke resources page to get started! So take a look at our free trial version - countless hours of fun await you!

 MIDIMaster's Features

  1. Ability to play MIDI (.MID) and Karaoke (.KAR) files, both of which are widely available on the internet.
  2. Record your own karaoke performances using your computer's microphone!
  3. Adjustable echo can be applied to your vocal performances
  4. Adjustable tempo and key
  5. Lyrics window display words in sing-a-long fashion
  6. User-adjustable font, background color, and lyrics window size
  7. Ability to change the instrumentation for each track
  8. Separate volume slider for each track
  9. Individual track mute and solo
  10. Visual display showing both time elapsed (in minutes and seconds) and bar/beat/tick information
  11. LED display showing the current output level for each track
  12. Ability to save your changes (to the instrumentation, key, etc.) to disk

 Get MIDIMaster Karaoke Today!

MIDIMaster Karaoke 3.5 requires a PC running Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, a sound card with a MIDI synthesizer (most have this), speakers and microphone, and a desire to have fun. To be able to hear your singing as you record performances, your sound card must also support full-duplex mode (most do).?

The Shareware version offers a 30 day trial.  The full version can be purchased by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below for around $29.95 USD

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